Conscious Parenting

What should we read to children?

A teacher suggested that books dealing with subjects like crime, violence and licentiousness should not be available to young people.

It is not so much a question of subject-matter but of vulgarity of mind and narrowness and selfish common-sense in the conception of life, expressed in a form devoid of art, greatness or refinement, which must be carefully removed from the reading-matter of children both big and small. All that lowers and degrades the consciousness must be excluded.

1 November 1959 | The Mother, CWM vol-12, pg 147

 The selection [of books] has to be carefully done. Some of the books contain ideas which are sure to lower the consciousness of our children. Only such books are to be recommended as have some bearing on our Ideal or contain historic tales, adventures or explorations.

One is never too careful with books which have the most pernicious effect.Blessings.

17 April 1967 | The Mother, CWM vol-12, pg 147

 I have been laying great stress on the stories of the Ramayana and Mahabharata and on the songs of Kabir, Mira, etc. Is it against your way to continue these old things?

 Not at all—it is the attitude that is important. The past must be a spring-board towards the future, not a chain preventing from advancing. As I said, all depends on the attitude towards the past.

 The Mother, CWM vol-12, pg 147

 The students cannot learn their lessons, even when they have their books.

One must have a lot of patience with young children, and repeat the same thing to them several times, explaining it to them in various ways. It is only gradually that it enters their mind.

Intelligence and capacity of understanding are surely more important than regularity in work. Steadiness may be acquired later on.

The Mother, CWM vol-12, pg 136