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What is true independence for a woman?

Photography : Raunak|Sarkar : Internet Source

Woman wants freedom, independence, self-governance: over and above she wants to extend her field of work. Firstly, she is no more willing to remain subservient to man as his slave and burden; she is desirous of completely standing on her own. Secondly, she is unwilling to remain confined indoors with the household chores—no more shuttling between the confinement at childbirth and the kitchen; remaining in the outside world like the males she too would like to meet and fulfil the higher demands of her mind and life. She is human, and as a human being she too is asking for a fulfilment—complete and integral. But, for the time being she has only man before her as the ideal of human species; that is why knowingly and to a great extent even unknowinglyshe imitates and follows the dharma of man. In the past she did not get
sufficient time to discover and practise her own dharma from the self-luminous being of her own soul. So now she tries to mould herself according to whateverhandy instance of an awakened and independent human being she finds in man.


But the first and foremost thing is to consider oneself as a human being, to get acquainted with one’s humanity. What comes first is the human being and not man or woman. If for the moment woman grows to some extent in the likeness of man in her attempt to awaken the full humanity of her soul, it need not be redressed. One who has room for and right to error, has also the room for and right to truth. If this holds true in all other fields then why not in the case of woman? Let woman liberate first her human being within, thereafter
the time will come for her to understand and decide that she is woman. If she attains true humanity, then true womanhood will automatically develop and adorn her.

Excerpt from ‘About Woman’ - Nolini Kant Gupta pg. 95, pg.28