Conscious Parenting

The Awakening of Woman

Photography : Raunak|Sarkar : Internet Source

One should start with this simple fact that woman is woman. “Thou art not a mother, nor a daughter nor even a spouse”—woman thou art, come and appear before man with thy bare womanhood. When we men-folk encage woman within a special definition, immediately we allow a magical charm to  grow around her.


Our women have life-force—what they need is the force of knowledge. When their souls will be awakened in this force of knowledge, will become strong and capable and brim with the greatness of self-identity then it might not be easy to direct them or mould them at will; but only then will they be the vehicle of a more solid creation. So then, in our country woman’s “progress” would mean her rising and establishing herself on her mental being—“the awakening of woman” is to recognize and know her nature and reality with this increasing self-consciousness, and to wake up to her personality.

Excerpt from ‘About Woman’ - Nolini Kant Gupta, pg. 16, pg. 75