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Workshop ‘Supraja’, organised at Prestige Institute of Management, Indore

Thousands and thousands of children are born each day around the world. But what is a matter of concern is that to a great extent conceptions are but accidental. The parents are not conscious when the child was conceived. In all these cases it’s the mere conjugal enjoyment which results in conceiving a child. But the ancient Indian seers and sages held the view that the birth of a child should be the result of prayers and aspiration. The men and women aspiring for children must undergo a change.

What change and how is a vast topic, but based on the materials available in the ancient Indian scriptures and other resources both past and present, Dr. Sampadananda Mihsra (Director, SAFIC) and Dr. Kalyani (Founder Director, Dhyan Baby Prenatal Education Program) have designed this 12 hours course for those who would like to be a part of this spiritual movement of creating a conscious humanity (supraja-janana).

The first workshop was hosted by the Prestige Institute of Management, Indore from 27-29 August 2018 in which participants were a few experienced gynecologists, counselors, expectant mothers, educationists, and spiritual seekers.