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A Lesson in Love

A blog by Shonar

“The tragedies of the heart and the body are the weeping of children over their little griefs and their broken toys. Smile within thyself, but comfort the children; join also, if thou canst, in their play.”

(Sri Aurobindo)

My spirit broke the other day. It was a happy day and yet I grieved. Strange but love as we, the average type, know it, makes us behave contrary to our own nature. Sacrifice and compromise, devotion and dedication, understanding when there is nothing to understand, explaining when there is little to explain, questioning when indeed all is transparent … all this and more completely takes over our lives. And what kind of love you may ask brings about all this? Oh well, any kind – the love for a parent or a brother, a child, a mentor or a friend. Its all the same really, because in the end, each of these can be any of the others. A friend for instance can be closer than a sister or a mentor more influential than a father.

When moments of anguish come in one’s life, at times one cannot even decide whether to weep or to laugh at the absurdity of it all. The mind screams instructions, the heart entreats with its own sentiments, the body torn between the two undergoes convulsions and the spirit, well, if you are the average type then the spirit oscillates like a temperamental yo-yo between the dictates of rationality and sentimentality, between reason and emotion, between pros and cons, between do this and do that, between yes and no…flitting about in an endless lacuna  trying to find something to stand on, to stand still if for a mere second.

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