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Conscious Parenting: Lessons Learned as a Parent, Educator and Healer

Conscious parenting, starting with conscious conception and childbirth, has the potential to transform the essence of the human population in a matter of few generations. For this to happen, we need to have a deeper understanding of the entire process of conscious creation of a being – from pre-conception to pregnancy, from prenatal education to childbirth, and from postnatal care to conscious parenting.

Inspired by this idea, the September 2022 issue of AuroBharati’s online monthly journal, Renaissance ( is focused on the theme of Conscious Parenting. As part of this work, on September 16, a special talk was organised at Sri Aurobindo Society campus. Ms. Jayashree Ashok and Mr. B. Ashok, co-founders of Creative School, Bengaluru were invited to speak on the topic – “Conscious Parenting: Lessons Learned as Parent, Educator and Healer.”

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Recording of the talk will be made available soon.