We believe that a conscious change in the human birthing can enable the creation of a conscious humanity. Conscious conception and conscious pregnancy have the potential to transform the essence of the human population in a matter of few generations. Parents influence the child’s being to a very large extent. Especially mothers, with their own evolved intuition, love and sensitivity, which are the natural outcomes of motherhood, have the strongest effect on a child. In many ways, the parental influence comes into play way before a baby is conceived.

That is where prenatal education must begin. Through our work we wish to help parents understand the phenomenon of pregnancy and birth from a deeply emotional and spiritual perspective, in addition to the biological and medical aspects.

This space is designed to facilitate a deeper and spiritual understanding of the major aspects of human birthing (reproduction), starting from conception and development of a child, role of maternity and parenting. You will find here valuable material and resources on four major aspects of Conscious Creation of a Being:

Human Love & Relationships  |  Conscious Conception  |  Pregnancy and Childbirth  | Conscious Parenting

We are guided by the spiritual vision of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

“Maternity is considered as the principal role of woman. But this is true only so long as we understand what is meant by the word maternity. For to bring children into the world as rabbits do their young—instinctively, ignorantly, machine-like, that certainly cannot be called maternity! True maternity begins with the conscious creation of a being, with the willed shaping of a soul coming to develop and utilise a new body. The true domain of women is the spiritual. We forget it but too often. To bear a child and construct his body almost subconsciously is not enough. The work really commences when, by the power of thought and will, we conceive and create a character capable of manifesting an ideal.”(The Mother, CWM, Vol. 2, p. 157)

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Conscious Conception and Pregnancy: Listening to a Personal Journey

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